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ABA Section of Business Law Committee on Legal Opinions, Closing Opinions of Inside Counsel, 58 Business Lawyer 1127 (2003). Full Text (Heinonline)

Abernathy, John L., and Thomas R. Kubick, and Adi Masli, General Counsel Prominence and Corporate Tax Policy, 38 The Journal of the American Taxation Association 39 (2016). Full Text (UNT Digital Library).

Ahmed, Kabir & Dezso Farkas, A Proposal to Encourage Up-The-Ladder Reporting by Insulating In-House Corporate Attorneys from Managerial Power, 39 Delaware Journal of Corporate Law 861 (2015). Full Text (Westlaw)

Akpan, Anietie, Corporate Counsel Women of Color Roundtable, 59 Houston Lawyer 10 (2022). Full Text (Westlaw). 

Almanzar, Jose & Schauwecker, Paula, How ESG Efforts Can Promote Environmental Justice, 36 Natural Resources & Environment 53 (2022). Full Text (Westlaw).

Antonio, Heath E., Employment Law—Massachusetts Recognizes Wrongful Discharge Claim Brought by Corporate In-House Counsel—GTE Products Corp. v. Stewart, 421 Mass. 22, 653 N.E.2D 161 (1995), 30 Suffolk University Law Review 295 (1996). Full Text (Westlaw)

Appleby, Bethany L. and Gary R. Batenhorst, Both Sides Now: Making the Transition from Outside to In-House Counsel, Franchise Law Journal, 40 Franchise Law Journal. 149 (2020). Full Text (Lexisnexis)

Armour, John et al., Augmented Lawyering, 2022 University of Illinois Law Review 71 (2022). Full Text (Westlaw). 

Atherton-Ely, Zachary, Demonstrating Value to a Corporation as In-House Counsel, 43 Mitchell Hamline L. Rev. 1003 (2017). Full Text (Westlaw)

Avci, S. Burcu and H. Nejat Seyhun, Why Don’t General Counsels Stop Corporate Crime?, 19 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law 751 (2017). Full Text (Westlaw)

Avci, Sureyya Burcu and H. Nejat Seyhun, Why Don’t General Counsels Stop Corporate Crime?, Ross School of Business Paper No. 1326 (2016). Full Text (SSRN)

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Baer, Miriam H., Corporate Lawyers: Compliance Elites, 88 Fordham Law Review 1599 (2020). Full Text (Lexisnexis)

Bamber, Linda S., and John Jiang, and Isabel Y. Wang, What’s My Style? The Influence of Top Managers on Voluntary Corporate Financial Disclosure, 85 The Accounting Review 1131 (2010). Full Text (SSRNJSTOR).

Barclift, Z. Jill, Corporate Responsibility: Ensuring Independent Judgment of the General Counsel – A Look at Stock Options, 81 North Dakota Law Review 1 (2005). Full Text (Westlaw)

Barry, Chuck and Kristin Kunz, In-House Counsel Should Implement Servant Leadership to Help Clients Make Values-Based Decisions, 37 Hamline Law Review 501 (2014). Full Text (Westlaw)

Beardslee, Michele DeStefano, Advocacy in the Court of Public Opinion, Installment One: Broadening the Role of Corporate Attorneys.  Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics 22: 1259-1333 (2009). Full Text (Westlaw)

Beardslee, Michele D., If Multidisciplinary Partnerships are Introduced Into the United States, What Could or Should be the Role of General Counsel?, 9 Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial Law 1 (2003). Full Text (Westlaw)

Bedi, Suneal, The Corporate Pro Se Litigant, 82 Ohio State Law Journal 77 (2021), Full Text (Westlaw).  

Bentrup, Barbara C., Friend or Foe: Reasonable Noncompete Restrictions Can Benefit Corporate In-House Counsel and Protect Corporate Employers, 52 Saint Louis University Law Journal 1037 (2008). Full Text (Westlaw)

Berle, Joelle A., Attorney-Client Privileges of In-House Counsel in the United States and Canada, 13 Southwestern Journal of Law and Trade in the Americas 459 (2007). Full Text (Westlaw)

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Boozang, Kathleen M., The New Relators: In-House Counsel and Compliance Officers, 6 Journal of Health & Life Sciences Law 16 (2012). Full Text (Westlaw)

Boutros, Andrew S. & Schleppenbach, John R., More Bite Than Just Bark: Using Model Rule 4.2’s No-Contact Rule to Limit the Government’s Contact With Employees of a Represented Company, 46 Champion 16 (2022). Full Text (Westlaw).  

Bowman, John P., In-House Lawyer’s Role in International Arbitration, 20 American Review of International Arbitration 285 (2009). Full Text (Westlaw)

Brown, Lowell C. and Hema R. Anwar, Et tu, Counselor: May an In-House Attorney File a Qui Tam Action Against the Attorney’s Employer?, 33 Journal of Health Law 621 (2000). Full Text (Lexisnexis)

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Cain, Christopher L., What Constitutes Wrongful Discharge of In-House Attorneys?, 22 Journal of Legal Profession 223 (1998). Full Text (Westlaw)

Chamberlain, John A., Risk Management for In-House Counsel, 25 Michigan Business Law Journal 10 (2005). Full Text (Pdf)

Chambliss, Elizabeth and David B. Wilkins, The Emerging Role of Ethics Advisors, General Counsel, and Other Compliance Specialists in Large Law Firms, 44 Arizona Law Review 559 (2002). Full Text (Westlaw)

Chambliss, Elizabeth, The Scope of In-Firm Privilege, 80 Notre Dame Law Review 1721 (2005). Full Text (Westlaw)

Chambliss, Elizabeth, The Professionalization of Law Firm In-House Counsel, 84 North Carolina Law Review 1515 (2006). Full Text (Westlaw)

Chayes, Abram and Antonia H. Chayes, Corporate Counsel and the Elite Law Firm, 37 Stan. L. Rev. 277 (1985) Full Text (Westlaw)

Check, Ryan M., Who’s the Boss? The ‘Public Interest vs. Agency Interest’ Balancing Act of Intelligence Agency General Counsel, 34 William Mitchell Law Review 5097 (2008). Full Text (Westlaw)

Choudhry, Faraz, Career Advice for New In-House Lawyers, 37 Hamline Law Review 491 (2014). Full Text (Westlaw)

Coblents, Chanda R., The Impact of General Dynamics Corp. v. Superior Court on the Evolving Tort of Retaliatory Discharge for In-House Attorneys, 52 Washington and Lee Law Review 991 (1995). Full Text (Westlaw)

Cohen, Lauren C., In-House Counsel and the Attorney-Client Privilege: How Sarbanes-Oxley Misses the Point, 9 Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance 297 (2004). Full Text (Westlaw)

Copeland, Katrice Bridges, In-House Counsel Beware!, 39 Fordham Urban Law Journal 391 (2011). Full Text (Westlaw)

Corello, Sara A., In-House Counsel’s Right to Sue for Retaliatory Discharge, 92 Columbia Law Review 389 (1992). Full Time (Westlaw)

Cuevas, Robert A., Jr., Inside Professionalism: How In-House Counsel can Give Practical Effect to the Ethical Responsibility to Society at Large When Reviewing Items for Form and Legal Sufficiency in a Manner that Supports the Integrity of the Representative Form of Governance of Public Corporations and Local Governments, 29 Saint Thomas Law Review 177 (2017). Full Text (Westlaw)

Cummings, Robert B., Get Your Own Lawyer! An Analysis of In-House Counsel Advising Across the Corporate Structure After Teleglobe, 21 Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics 683 (2008). Full Text (Westlaw)

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Daly, Mary C., The Cultural, Ethical, and Legal Challenges in Lawyering For a Global Organization: The Role of the General Counsel, 46 Emory Law Journal 1057 (1997). Full Text (Westlaw)

Dau-Schmidt, Kenneth G., et al., Men and Women of the Bar: A Second Look at the Impact of Gender on Legal Careers, 46 Journal of the Legal Profession 1 (2021), Full Text (Westlaw).  

David E. Brodsky, et. al., First Circuit Upholds Border Searches of Electronic Devices Without Probable Cause, 33 No. 6 Intellectual Property & Technology Law Journal (2021), Full Text (Westlaw). 

Day, Christian C., Teaching Students How to Become In-House Counsel, 51 Journal of Legal Education 503 (2001). Full Text (Westlaw)

Degnan, David W., The Expanding Duties of ESI and In-House Counsel: Providing Defensible Preservation and Production Efforts After Swofford v. Eslinger, 16 Richmond Journal of Law and Technology 12 (2010). Full Text (Westlaw)

Demott, Deborah A., The Discrete Roles of General Counsel, 74 Fordham Law Review 955 (2005). Full Text (Westlaw)

DeSorrento, Tonio D., Enforceability of Restrictive Covenants: Are In-House Counsel to be Exempt from Non-Competes?, 20 Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics 487 (2007). Full Text (Westlaw)

DeStefano, Michele. Creating a Culture of Compliance: Why Departmentalization May Not Be the Answer. 10 Hastings Business Law Journal 71 (2014). Full Text (Westlaw)

Didday, John, Informed Buyers of E-Discovery: Why General Counsel Must Become Tech Savvy, 5 Hastings Science & Technology Law Journal 281 (2013). Full Text (Westlaw)

Drachsler, David A., Use of Lawyer-Client Privileged Information by In-House Counsel Whistleblowers in Their Own Retaliatory Discharge Actions Under the Environmental Laws, 15 Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum 99 (2004). Full Text (Westlaw)

Duclos, Catherine F., You Can Help Clients Stop Workplace Harassment by Minding Your P (and One Q), 65 Res Gestae 12 (2022). Full Text (Westlaw) 

Dunlop, Sybil, A Call for Action: How Clients and Judges Can Do More to Address the Legal Profession’s Diversity Problem, 18 University of Saint Thomas Law Journal 78 (2022). Full Text (Westlaw).  

Duggin, Sarah Helene, The Pivotal Role of the General Counsel in Promoting Corporate Integrity and Professional Responsibility, 51 Saint Louis University Law Journal 989 (2007). Full Text (Westlaw)

Dyck, Alexander, and Adair Morse, and Luigi Zingales, Who Blows the Whistle on Corporate Fraud?, 65 The Journal of Finance 2213 (2010). Full Text (SSRNJSTORWiley Online Library).

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Edwards Jr., Richard W., The Role of the General Counsel of an International Financial Institution, 17 Kansas Journal of Law & Public Policy 254 (2008). Full Text (Westlaw)

Exarhakis, Carolyn, Non-Legal Advice: How Attorneys Counsel Clients on Investors’ ESG Demands, 34 Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics 957 (2021), Full Text (Westlaw). 

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Fanto, James, The Professionalization of Compliance: It’s Progress, impediments and Outcomes, 35 Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy (2021). Full Text (Westlaw).   

Faqihi, Naseem, Choosing Which Rule to Break First: An In-House Attorney Whistleblower’s Choices After Discovering a Possible Federal Securities Law Violation, 82 Fordham Law Review 3341 (2014). Full Text (Westlaw)

Fleischman, Joseph J. et al., The Organizational Sentencing Guidelines and the Employment At-Will Rule as Applied to In-House Counsel, 48 Business Lawyer 611 (1993). Full Text (Westlaw)

Formenty-Ujlaki, Chiara, Lost in Translation: Legal Ethics and Global Mobility of In-House Counsel, 26 Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics 1043 (2013). Full Text (Westlaw)

Fortney, Susan Saab, Law Firm General Counsel as Sherpa: Challenges Facing the In-Firm Lawyer’s Lawyer, 53 University of Kansas Law Review 835 (2005). Full Text (Westlaw)

Foster, Alexandra, Where the CCO Fits in the C-Suite: A Corporation’s Moral Compass, 6 Am. U. Bus. L. Rev. 175 (2017). Full Text (Westlaw)

Frenkel, Jacob S. and Murray L. Galinson, Legal Ethics and the General Counsel of a Presidential Campaign, 2 Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics 359 (1988). Full Text (Heinonline)

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Gensler, Steven S., Wrongful Discharge for In-House Attorneys? Holding the Line Against Lawyers’ Self-Interest, 1992 University of Illinois Law Review 515 (1992). Full Time  (Heinonline)

Gergacz, John, Privileged Communications With In-House Counsel Under United States and European Community Law: A Proposed Re-Evaluation of the Akzo Nobel Decision, 42 Creighton Law Review 323 (2009). Full Text (Westlaw)

Gergacz, John, In-House Counsel and Corporate Client Communications: Can EU Law After Akzo Nobel and U.S. Law After Gucci be Harmonized? Critiques and a Proposal, 45 International Lawyer 817 (2011). Full Text (Westlaw)

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Giesel, Grace M., The Legal Advice Requirement of the Attorney-Client Privilege: A Special Problem For In-House Counsel and Outside Attorneys Representing Corporations, 48 Mercer Law Review 1169 (1997). Full Text (Westlaw)

Giesel, Grace M., The Kentucky Ban on Insurers’ In-House Attorneys Representing Insureds, 25 Northern Kentucky Law Review 365 (1998). Full Text (Westlaw)

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Imwinkelried, Edward J., Preliminary Thoughts on an Attorney-Client Privilege for Law Firms: When a Current Client Threatens to Sue the Firm for Malpractice, Does the Privilege Apply to the Firm’s Consultation With In-House Counsel About the Potential Claim?, 49 Valparaiso University Law Review 715 (2014). Full Text (Westlaw)

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