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July 10, 2024
Professor James Park talks to Bloomberg about the trial of Bill Hwang and market manipulation.

June 30, 2024
Professor Steven Bank appears on the “Good Seats Still Available” podcast to talk about the NASL antitrust lawsuit against US Soccer and Major League Soccer over the application of the Professional League Standards.

June 13, 2024
Professor James Park is quoted by the Washington Post on shareholder approval of Elon Musk’s Tesla pay.

June 12, 2024
Professor Steven Bank is quoted by Business Insider about Trump’s proposal to eliminate taxes on income that workers earn from tips.

June 3, 2024
Professor Kimberly Clausing is quoted in an Atlantic story on the economy and the election. 

May 30, 2024
Professor Kimberly Clausing talks about tax policy reform on CNBC’s “Squawk Box”. 

May 30, 2024
Professor Mark Grady is quoted in the Washington Times about a Hawaii matter involving energy and climate change. 

May 27, 2024
Professor Stephen Bainbridge writes an op-ed in the Orange County Register criticizing CalPERS for siding with shareholder activists versus Exxon.

May 21, 2024
Professor Kimberly Clausing talks to CNN about the cost of a trade war to middle-class families. 

May 17, 2024
Professor Andrew Verstein is quoted by UPI about the TikTok divestiture push. 

April 15, 2024
Professor James Park appears on the Bloomberg Law podcast to discuss shadow insider trading. 

February 7, 2024
Professor Stephen Bainbridge is quoted in the Financial Times about Elon Musk and the Delaware Court of Chancery.

January 31, 2024
Professor James Park is quoted by Forbes in an article about Elon Musk and executive pay.

January 18, 2024
Professor Kimberly Clausing testifies in the U.S. Senate on reforming international taxation.

December 20, 2023
Professor James Park talks to Bloomberg about OpenAI and corporate reputation.

December 18, 2023
Professor Daniel Bussel talks to the Arizona Republic about his experience clerking for Justice O’Connor on the Supreme Court.

December 16, 2023
Professor Kirk Stark is quoted by the AP on the tax implications of Shohei Ohtani’s baseball contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

November 28, 2023
Professor James Park is quoted by Reuters about the business community’s frustrations over SEC enforcement actions.

November 14, 2023
Professor Kimberly Clausing co-writes a Washington Post opinion piece about tax cuts and the federal budget.

November 11, 2023
Soccer authority Professor Steve Bank discusses the growth of the NWSL in the LA Times.

October 11, 2023
Professor Andrew Verstein is quoted in the Des Moines Register about an insider trading matter.

September 18, 2023
Professor Andrew Verstein is quoted by the Mercury News on agency in business law.

August 7, 2023
Professor Kimberly Clausing co-authors a Washington Post opinion piece about Republican attacks on the global minimum tax.

August 4, 2023
Professor Jill Horwitz writes an amicus brief that the California Supreme Court relies on in a unanimous ruling on nonprofits and charities.

August 4, 2023
Professor James Park is quoted by Bloomberg Law on lawyer fees in Delaware’s chancery court.

July 17, 2023
Professor James Park talks to Bloomberg Law about SEC regulation of cryptocurrency.

July 12, 2023
Professor James Park is quoted by Forbes on a nw development in SEC regulation.

July 6, 2023
Professor Stephen Bainbridge writes a commentary for Barron’s on what investors really care about.

July 5, 2023
Professor Kimberly Clausing is quoted in a Washington Post story about the global minimum tax.

June 5, 2023
Professor Jill Horwitz has received the ABA’s Outstanding Nonprofit Lawyer Award for 2023. The award, which is presented by the Nonprofit Organizations Committee of American Bar Association’s Business Law Section, goes to “accomplished and civic-minded nonprofit lawyers” in the categories of academic, attorney, in-house counsel and young attorney. Horwitz earned the honor “for distinguished academic achievement in the nonprofit sector.”

April 19, 2023
Professor Kimberly Clausing testified before the Senate Budget Committee on taxes.

April 4, 2023
Professor Steve Bank discussed World Cup soccer in the LA Times.

March 24, 2023
Professor Andrew Verstein talked to The New York Times about celebrities who tout crypto assets.

March 16, 2023
Professor Steve Bank talks about soccer and antitrust issues on the Bloomberg Law podcast.

March 15, 2023
As the debate over what responsibilities corporations carry in our society grows increasingly politicized, UCLA School of Law Distinguished Professor Stephen Bainbridge has entered the fray with his new book, The Profit Motive: Defending Shareholder Value Maximization (Cambridge University Press). A probing analysis of the relative merits of stakeholder capitalism and shareholder value maximization, complete with historical vignettes and innovative academic insights, the book offers an illuminating and often entertaining look at the issue.

March 14, 2023
Rose Chan Loui, Inaugural Director of the Program on Philanthropy and Nonprofits, has been named as a new member of the board of the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles. The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving life for all Angelenos.

February 14, 2023
The Tennessee Star noted that research by Professor Kimberly Clausing was used to support a Senate bill to close offshore tax loopholes.

February 6, 2023
UCLA School of Law’s Program on Philanthropy and Nonprofits has received a $100,000 gift from the education company ECMC Group to create the Maurice Salter Endowed Lecture in Nonprofits and Philanthropy. Through the lecture series, leading academic, government and industry experts will address critical issues in the nonprofit field and connect with students and practitioners in the sector.


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