Program on In-House Counsel

Attendees conversing at in-house counsel conference.The legal profession has undergone dramatic changes in the past decade. Companies rely more heavily than ever on their in-house law departments. Recognizing this change, the Lowell Milken Institute is sponsoring the Program on In-House Counsel, which provides UCLA Law students with courses on the role of in-house counsel, including understanding the ethical issues faced by in-house lawyers and the relationship between in-house lawyers and outside firms. The Program on In-House Counsel connects UCLA School of Law students with in-house departments and provides law students with the experience of working directly with in-house counsel. More importantly, the Program sensitizes students to the business, legal and ethical challenges faced by in-house departments.

The Program on In-House Counsel serves the academic community though the development of the In-House Counsel Scholarship Database. The database provides research and resources on the changing role of in-house counsel by compiling a comprehensive list of significant academic articles addressing the role of in-house counsel.

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