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All Biz Law faculty, 2012The Business Law and Policy specialization faculty spans the ideological spectrum, representing a mix of theorists who generate visions of how the law should function and practitioners who capitalize on substantial experience in law firms and at the highest levels of policy making. They are highly respected and nationally renowned academics, including experts in all aspects of:

  • Corporate Law
  • Tax Law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Securities Regulation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Real Estate

Not only leaders in their fields, they also are devoted, award-winning teachers who truly care about their students and the quality of the classroom experience. 

In addition to a core group of faculty members, the specialization draws upon an immensely talented adjunct faculty, composed of eminent practicing lawyers. The adjunct faculty members supplement the educational experience by providing instruction with a practice-oriented focus.

Academic Excellence

Iman Anabtawi -- "I wanted to teach students the skills I knew they would need to be effective lawyers and the substance of specific business-law practice areas." More>>

Stephen Bainbridge -- "Teaching has given me the opportunity to interact with generations of future lawyers, which has been both an honor and a privilege." More>>

Steven A. Bank -- "The students are first rate and there is a genuine sense of shared enterprise. It’s a great place to be an academic entrepreneur." More>>

Sung Hui Kim -- "...the most fulfilling part of practicing law was teaching and guiding younger associates." More>>

Kenneth N. Klee -- "I never intended to pursue bankruptcy law. Once I studied it, I found the field fascinating." More>>

Lynn M. LoPucki -- "The development of professional expertise requires more than readings and lectures. To learn material, students must actively do something with the material." More>>

Jason Oh -- "Most students walk into their first tax law class with some trepidation. It’s very rewarding when students warm to tax law over the course of the semester." More>>

Richard H. Sander -- "There are very few places with this much breadth and so many people interested in interdisciplinary work." More>>

Alexander Stremitzer -- "By teaching my research I have the strongest and most meaningful impact on the real world: affecting the ideas of my tremendously talented students." More>>

Eric M. Zolt -- "The Lowell Milken Institute gives us the opportunity to make an already great business law program even better." More>>

Focus on Faculty

Stephen Bainbridge, among top 100 most influential people in corporate governance. More>>

Kenneth Klee, one of country’s top bankruptcy law authorities. More>>

Jason Oh, rising star in tax law. More>>