Research and Policy Reform

The Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy’s keen emphasis on innovative research at the intersection of law and business is supported by:

  • a widely recognized and esteemed Business Law faculty;
  • a unique blend of policy and practice courses designed to prepare students for diverse opportunities in the new economy; and
  • a full calendar of timely conferences and events that advance solutions to some of the nation’s most pressing challenges.

Stark and Bank, 2012The Institute is driving the agenda for research and policy reform through targeted initiatives that tackle urgent problems in Business Law and Policy. These initiatives result in conferences that bring leading figures to the campus and in publications that reach academics, legal practitioners, the business community and policy-makers.

Moreover, consistent with a spirit of collaboration and cooperation, the Institute regularly partners with others to enhance the impact of its work.  One example is the annual NYU-UCLA Tax Policy Conference that rotates between Los Angeles and New York, reaching two key hubs of business and legal activity. The Institute publicizes the results of its research through various outlets, including its own white papers. In addition, the proceedings of the annual Tax Policy Conference are published in the prestigious Tax Law Review.