You can play a critical role in helping The Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy make a lasting difference.  Your support will help the Institute continue building a legacy of excellence by developing innovative solutions and the leaders who can implement them in such key areas as:

  • Faculty Research – Our faculty research drives the agenda for the debate in bankruptcy, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, securities regulation and tax.
  • Policy Work – Our policy work builds on this path-breaking scholarship by illuminating its real-world applications.
  • Curricular Development – Through ongoing curricular development, the Institute prepares students to apply their skills and knowledge in implementing novel approaches to important legal and business problems.
  • Meaningful Experience – Moreover, we are dedicated to making the student experience as enriching and rewarding as possible.
  • Outreach – Our outreach to business and the business law community is building strong bridges that we trust ultimately will contribute to our students’ professional successes as well as benefit society as a whole.

When making his generous donation to establish the Institute, Lowell Milken noted that current financial pressures and constraints on our great University of California system make it incumbent upon those who benefited from it to help support the outstanding work of universities like UCLA. Won’t you join us in shaping the future of business law and policy?

To learn more about the Institute’s transformative work or inquire about making a gift to the Program, please email:  


How can I participate?

Make a Gift
To inquire about making a gift to the Institute, please contact Donna Colin at 310-825-3025 or

Be a Mentor
Most of us are forever grateful to the special people who welcomed us during our time in law school, took us under their wings and imparted invaluable wisdom, knowledge and guidance – and perhaps even provided important professional introductions. These relationships often evolved into lifelong friendships.

If you are well-established in your law career and want to help shape the next generation of lawyers, let us match you with one of our first-year Business Law and Policy students. To learn more about becoming a mentor, please phone 310.206.1875 or email

Hire a Bruin
Help Build the Alumni Network!
The next time you’re looking to hire on a full-time, part-time or contract basis, turn to the UCLA Law Office of Career Services to connect you to talented UCLA Law students and alumni. The Office of Career Services provides employers with an opportunity to post job listings or collect resumes, free of charge, for UCLA Law students and alumni. Jobs may be posted directly to the UCLA Law Career Services site at For additional information, please contact Linda Kressh, at (310) 206-1117 or

Have a Voice
We know that our next great idea may not come from inside the walls of the Law School. Our donors and alumni are a rich, largely untapped resource of thoughts, ideas and suggestions to make our outstanding curriculum, programs and activities even better – and we want to hear from you.
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Donor Spotlight

  • Thomas A. Kirschbaum Scholarship
  • Thomas A. Kirschbaum Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate an interest in and an aptitude for studying tax law. This year, Steve Serna ’14, Ryan McKay Hicks ’15, and Alan Beadle ‘16 were chosen as Kirschbaum Scholarship recipients. The scholarship helps fund the recipients’ education and also connects them to potential mentors in the Los Angeles legal community. Noah Metz ’13 and Ryan J. Shumacher ’14, inaugural recipients of the scholarships in 2012, had the opportunity to meet with the Los Angeles Benefits and Compensation Group (LABCG), a group of 17 leading executive compensation and employee benefits attorneys.

    The scholarship was created to honor the life and work of Tom Kirschbaum, ’77, who was widely recognized as one of California’s leading tax, compensation and employee benefits lawyers. Established by Tom’s friends, family and colleagues – including Jim Barrall, who was pivotal in creating and implementing the vision for the scholarship, the award annually recognizes a UCLA Law student or students who embody Tom’s spirit and special qualities – a sharp intellect, sense of humor, passion for life and compassion for others.